Police Puzzle Over Train Incident


Police are appealing for urgent help to identify a man who was hit by a train and critically injured  in Levin n Friday night.

The incident happened at Levin railway station shortly before 7pm. The Capital Connection commuter train had made its scheduled stop at Levin. As it moved out of the station someone on the platform noticed there was a man lying seriously injured on the tracks.

The train driver, unaware of what had happened had continued on its journey but was quickly notified and stopped at Koputaroa about 5km further along the line.

It is still not clear what happened at Levin station on Friday night and Police want to hear from anyone who saw the man on the platform or saw how he came to be on the tracks.

A cyclist approached a Highway Patrol car outside the Cosmopolitan Club on Oxford Street near the junction with Rina Street, alerting the officer to the man being hit by the train. Police are asking this man to contact Police as he may be a potential witness.

The man on the tracks has remained unconscious and in a critical condition in Palmerston North Hospital since the incident. He had some cash on him but no form of identification and enquiries throughout the weekend, including initial fingerprint tests, have failed to identify him.

The man is described as in his 50 or 60s. Police say he appears to be European, has wavy silvery grey hair and is clean shaven.

He was wearing light blue denim jeans, a blue bomber style jacket with a zip front, a lumber-jack type shirt with a dark green check on a light cream background, grey socks, black loafer-style shoes and a black beanie hat with a silver fern symbol on the front.

Detective Brenda Kelly said: “This man is in a very poor condition and we really want to identify any family members or friends quickly in case his condition takes a turn for the worse. We are sure someone must know this man, but maybe hasn’t realised he is missing. If you have a neighbour fitting his description we would urge you to go and check on their welfare.”





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