KiwiRail Board Named


The government has finalised its appointments to the KiwiRail board, which will be tasked with making KiwiRail more profitable.

The latest director appointed is  John Leuchars , described as a professional company director who is a civil engineer by training, and has significant experience in senior management of international consulting engineering companies. He has governance experience in a number of large engineering consultancy firms and not-for-profit organisations.

“Mr Leuchars brings strong technical engineering skills aligned with major project management and governance experience to the board,” State Owned Enterprises Minister Simon Power said today in making the announcement.

He will start on the board at the same time as the new chair, John Spencer, who replaces Jim Bolger.

The composition of the KiwiRail board will be: John Spencer (chair), Paula Rebstock (deputy chair), Mark Tume, Bob Field, Bryan Jackson, Mark Franklin and John Leuchars.




  1. max says:

    An engineer in a rail company board. Geez, what a surprise. I thought it was illegal to be on a board unless you were an accountant or MBA?


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