ARTA Plan Proves PT Funding Needed


Rabin Rabindran at Grafton station opening

ARTA’s chairman Rabin Rabindran says ARTA’s regional public transport plan provides proof for investment in public transport.

“The proposed improvements to Auckland’s public transport system will require a significant investment of public funds.

“ARTA has taken steps to ensure that the proposals contained in the plan will deliver economic and social benefits that justify that investment.”

He says ARTA’s plan showed it was focused on public transport making an even greater contribution to moving people around Auckland.

His comments came this afternoon as he officially released the plan.

“We also recognise that there will always be limitations on the amount of public funds that are available for transport initiatives and the need to prioritise how those funds will be spent. For this reason the plan contains policies to guide the prioritisation process.”

The move to public transport growth would free up congested motorways and arterial roads for freight and commercial trips that cannot use public transport and was vital to economic growth and prosperity.

“This requires a step change in public transport performance.”

The plan is here

Mr Rabindran called the document the context for moving public transport further forward in Auckland.

“In the last few years in Auckland, public transport has experienced the highest growth for twenty five years, with rail patronage doubling in five years. This success is due to a planned approach; considerable investment from government and the region in redeveloping the rail network, the highly successful Northern Busway, major service level improvements and much improved customer information.

“The policies and actions outlined in the RPTP outline the next phase in the drive to increase growth making public transport even more accessible, attractive and easy to use. The plan sets out ARTA’s proposals for service improvements in some detail.

“As such it will form the basis of key aspects of our public transport policy, service development and contracting activities over the next few years.”

Mr Rabindran said the plan was prepared in consultation with required stakeholders including operators and public sector agencies and taking into account submissions made by the public consultation process.





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