Crazy Rail Week Ahead


From 7pm tomorrow, keep an eye on the Western Line train timetable.

It’s a major weekend for rail work over the Queen’s Birthday weekend with the commissioning of the final 3km section of double track from the new Avondale Station to Tititrangi Road in New Lynn.

That work starts at 7pm on Friday.

But workers will need more time that just the weekend so to complete the final section of double tracking, commissioning will continue throughout the following week.

This means a temporary weekday timetable, with different times from Waitakere to New Lynn, will also be in place. The amended rail service times will operate over the period Friday 4 to 13 June.

RailBuses will be used over the weekend.

Work continuing on the Avondale to New Lynn line

Bus replacements will be in place for all Western line stations from:

  • Waitakere to Avondale on Friday from 7pm
  • Waitakere to Britomart on Saturdays 5 and 12 June, Monday 7 June
  • New Lynn to Britomart on Sundays 6 and 13 June
  • Waitakere to Swanson on Tuesday 8 June to Friday 11 June

Avondale’s new station officially opens on Tuesday but comes into use on Monday June 14.





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