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Police trying to identify a man hit by a train at Levin exactly a week ago tonight still don’t know who he is but now think he is from Christchurch.

A witness has told Police how she gave ‘Alan’ a ride from Levin railway station to a motel in Levin on the night before the incident.

In conversation he told the woman he was from Christchurch, that he had sold up to travel while he still could, and that he was heading ultimately to Auckland.
He said he had taken the train on the Thursday night from Paraparaumu, indicating he had stayed in a motel there on Wednesday night.

Staff at the motel in Levin have also confirmed that a man fitting the description checked into the motel, gave his name as ‘Alan and a surname police haven’t released; and paid in cash. No wallet was seen.

They describe him as walking with a limp and speaking with a stutter. They have also described him as having with him a black and yellow backpack and an old suitcase, coloured blue/grey with a zip and buckles.

On Friday morning, he checked out around 9.45am and left with his bags suggesting he might head to Palmerston North.

Detective Brenda Kelly said that there’s nothing to suggest at this stage that any untoward has happened to him.

“Our conversations with him have been limited and he is still showing some signs of confusion but he is responding ‘no’ to anyone hurting him or taking his belongings. We don’t know where those belongings are and we would ask for public help in locating them.”

“We cannot be sure he has provided his real name to the motel and we do not want to issue a name that closes the minds of the public off to any other possibility. We are working on the name provided by the motel but so far that has not yielded any confirmed identification. We have to bear in mind that he appears very confused.”

‘Alan’ underwent further surgery yesterday and is still described as serious but stable. He is breathing on his own but he is highly medicated and his speech is very limited.

Police hope that by adding to the jigsaw puzzle they will be able to confirm his name and find out how he came to be on the tracks on Friday night. That jigsaw for police includes the puzzle: If he came from Christchurch how did he get there? Where are his bags?




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