Photos: Big Weekend Starts


Rail workers this afternoon began preparing for a busy weekend - and week- ahead for the commissioning of the final 3km section of double track from the new Avondale Station to Tititrangi Road in New Lynn.

The last rush hour period trains were rolling through that section from the new Avondale station before work started at 7pm.

AVONDALE: Last trains this afternoon before track work starts

With the official opening of the new Avondale station in the week ahead and into use from June 14, a large crane was being used to decorate it up high!

Flagging the Avondale opening the next week

Finishing work around the station continues.

While buses replace trains from 7pm, workers will need more time that just the weekend so to complete the final section of double tracking, commissioning will continue throughout the following week.
This means a temporary weekday timetable, with different times from Waitakere to New Lynn, will also be in place. The amended rail service times will operate over the period Friday 4 to 13 June.

At New Lynn this afternoon, workers were also getting a birds eye view.

Inside the trench work continued.

Watching tonight’s rush hour trains at New Lynn, I can’t wait until both sides of the station lines can be used.

And on street level, work on the bus transport hub carried on.




  1. Matt L says:

    There was a bit of disruption last night with the express canceled due to a track fault but luckily it didn’t hold to much up.

    It should be a big weekend and I am certainly looking forward to having the double tracking finished. I imagine that there will be quite a bit of work done on the platform extensions this weekend as well (and apparently they are removing the concrete block shelter from Mt Albert). Also a crane has appeared at the Sturges Rd site so finally some progress is happening there.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Just arrived in Auckland and after my first visit to Britomart and Queen St realised that the ‘trains stop at 7pm 4th June’ was in fact that very night so rushed to get on the 18:03 out of town back to Glen Eden. Nice new stations, we are quite lucky that they invested in the whole line rather than do up one station here or there. I hope when they get new rolling stock they have new and less piercing notes to signal the closing of the doors at each station, it reminds me of Lisbon and sadly not Barcelona whose whistling motif to approaching stations was a joy.


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