Alan Mystery Solved


The man hit by a train at Levin has finally been identified - and turns out to be a 62 year old loner train fan who fell on to the tracks.

Alan turned out out not to be his real name but one he likes to be called.

Over the weekend ‘Alan’ progressed well, gradually being able to speak coherently and stay awake for longer periods. During the weekend he has uttered a number of names and a search of over 2000 combinations of those names finally hit the jackpot.

Identification was confirmed  with the assistance of Immigration and Internal affairs searching through passport records.

Detective Brenda Kelly said: “Alan is not his real name but it is a name he likes to be known by.

“He is a man who keeps himself to himself and has a passion for rail; regularly travelling by train.

“Police are still trying to identify relatives who are believed to live overseas.

“Alan has reiterated to me that no-one caused him any harm and that his falling on the track was an accident,” said Detective Kelly. “We are satisfied that nothing untoward has happened to him and that he now just needs time and peace to recover.”

“I have told him about the fantastic response from New Zealand and how ‘famous’ he has become with the number of people who rang in to help. He is truly humbled by the response and can’t believe so many people have cared about who he is.”

He says he is not one for making a fuss, describing himself as a man of simple needs, and has asked me to thank New Zealand for caring. He doesn’t however want his identity made public and we have to respect that.”

Police say that Alan’s memory is becoming clearer each day, but his missing yellow and black back pack and old suitcase remain a mystery and anyone who locates these items is still asked to contact the police.




  1. George D says:

    A good news story then! Wonderful.


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