Farebox Impact being Assessed


Today’s ARC transport and urban development committee meeting couldn’t put any estimate on how much fares would go up as a result of the NZTA farebox recovery policy, which each regional coouncil has to have in place by January 1 2012.

NZTA wants a national farebox recovery ratio of no less than 50% in the medium term.

There was a brief discussion at the meeting during which officials said they could not at this stage make any guess of even a percentage and consideration of the policy actually needed to be wider than that at the moment.

The final resolution passed was that the ARC would work with ARTA to analyse the impacts that the policy would have on the levels of funding required from the council on passenger transport in Auckland.

Scheme details




  1. ingolfson says:

    “NZTA wants a national farebox recovery ratio of no less than 50% in the medium term.”

    That should be “Steven Joyce wants…”

    NZTA’s actions of trying to soften the blow to me indicate that they know how ridiculous it is to expect world-record-beating farebox recovery in a country where public transport has a long history of being under-invested and shabby.

  2. jarbury says:

    Ingolfson, yup you’ve hit the nail on the head there.


  3. joust says:

    What the minister wants, the agency does. I wouldn’t think that its a matter of opinion for them.

    Though the assumption that the raw cost of providing each public transport trip is the only factor to consider when deciding where that cost should fall is somewhat myopic.

    Its also convenient that most PT services’ lend themselves to that kind of accounting unlike road trips.

  4. Matt says:

    It’s most unfortunate that we have a Minister of Roa^WTransport who’s so utterly against any form of transport that’s not private use of roads. Just at a time when public transport use in Auckland is breaking all records, with patronage of all forms growing year-on-year, we have policies such as 50% farebox recovery and roading-uber-alles funding coming through from central government. And, sadly, we’re probably going to have at least another four years of this crap.


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