Wgtn’s New Trains: Photos


Wellington’s new electric trains are going through their final paces before the first units get loaded on a ship in South Korea and shipped to Wellington.

Wellington's new trains | Greater Wellington council

Builders Hyundai-Rotem has started booking shipping and the first Matangi units will arrive in about two months, around late August.

This inside photo shows the CCTV camera inside the carriage, the luggage racks, transverse seating, handholds and the unobstructed passage between the two cars.

Inside the new Wellington Matangi electric train units |GWC

42% of the 96 vehicles are in production and the first unit is undergoing its final test. Many of the trains’ key systems have successfully passed static testing. Moving tests under its own power, started a few weeks ago at the Hyundai-Rotem factory in Changwon, South Korea.

Here is another shot of the first 2-car set (trailer car and motor car) being shunted up and down the Hyundai-Rotem test track. Note the external side mounted PIDS (passenger information display system) and the low floor section on the trailer car (furthest from the photo).

First 2 car set of Wellington's new Matangi trains |GWC

When the first of the new trains arrive they will be tested and then just before Christmas and run initially on the Hutt Valley line.
As they continue to arrive, they will then be introduced onto the Johnsonville lines, followed by the new extension of the electric service to Kapiti.




  1. Ian says:

    Looks a bit like the Fiat railcars of the ’50′s. Not a bad thing in my opinion as the Fiats were very handsome machines. Pity their reliability didn’t match their good looks.

  2. Steved says:

    I am very impressed with the inside, let’s hope we get the same looking electric trains for Auckland,meanig they have to be inviting for us to use them. Just my thoughts.

  3. Sam says:

    I actually like the interiors of our SA cars… I find the colour scheme comfortable and inviting, and carpet is a nice touch which seems to be lasting quite well. These units above on the other hand have really bright acidic colours, and lots of metal bars around the place- a bit intense for me.

    Of course, they are far superior in almost every other way… the fast smooth and quiet ride, along with passages between cars and massive windows, make them far superior.

  4. Anthony says:

    Im so exicted for Wellington. lucky buggers. ;-)
    they soon don’t have to put up with much problems like now.

  5. Joshua says:

    The trains a great, still think they have ruined the interior work, our Auckland units are so much nicer inside.

    Hopefully in Auckland we can get similar units, just stick with the quality interior we currently have. As long as they don’t break down of course :)

  6. Ian W says:

    Big windows = more glass for the scum to scratch in Auckland.

  7. Steve B. says:

    B L O O D Y I M P R E S I V E !!!!!!!!!! Cant wait till they get here, SUCK ON THAT YOU JAFFAS lol :)

  8. megan says:

    i like the new trains


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