Whose Hand-me-downs?


Joust, in the thread on the improvements to Mt Albert station, has made a perceptive observation.
Where have the new shelters come from? Are they hand-me- downs from Boston Rd?
The Mt Albert shelters replace the dreadful concrete bunker that used to dominate the Mt Albert station and was popular for dodgy people to hang out in.

These are now at Mt Albert:

They look well scratched and second hand.
So did they come from:
a) Trade me?
b) A tip?
c) Avondale?
d) Boston Rd?

e) Kingdon St?

f) Warehouse Stationary?




  1. jon r says:

    Just like the scratched reused old shelters at Otahuhu, Greenlane and Westfield.

    The “world class” rail system is a long way off while they dump old, unweather proof shelters at the worst stations.

    Though, remember who cut the funding of public transport in Auckland - Steven Joyce and the Nats on their illogical highway plan.

  2. Su Yin Khoo says:

    I dislike the train shelters intensely. Hardly any shelter

  3. Anthony says:

    More like a suburban bus stop than a train station shelter!

  4. rtc says:

    These are temporary shelters until Mt Albert is fully upgraded - I think the upgraded stations look great in general, and there’s only a few left now that haven’t been upgraded. As patronage increase stations can be further upgraded with bigger shelters etc, but at present the tiny amount of money hardly allows a Newmarket station at every stop.

  5. jon r says:

    RTC…. and you CAN blame Steven Joyce and the Nats for the lack of funding. They took $200m from PT and put it in their ROADS OF OECD REPORT PROVEN INSIGNIFANCE!

  6. Geoff says:

    Penrose has also received some hand-me-downs. I expect more will appear soon, when the temporary Avondale station goes.

  7. max says:

    What exactly is the issue with these? They look old and small, true, but why would they be worse in terms of weather-proofing than others?


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