Hide: Why Time For Change


Local Government Minister Rodney Hide tonight slammed Auckland’s general leadership, saying there has been “a lack of leadership and no single vision for Auckland.”

Addressing the local government chief executives’ forum, he said: “Auckland has had too many missed opportunities. Important decisions affecting the lives and well-being of our largest population base are delayed, or not made at all.

“Services are poor and cost more than is necessary. Roads are clogged. Councils across Auckland cannot agree on, or apply, consistent standards and plans.”

As the architect of the Auckland super council, he declared: “It stops now.”

He said soon Auckland’s leaders will be able to think regionally, plan strategically and act decisively.

AUCKLAND: 'Too many missed opportunities,' says Hide

Referring to the CCO model, he claimed that Auckland’s CCOs will be the most accountable of any council in the country.

He said there would be no impediment to the new supercouncil disestablishing any of the CCOs - except Auckland Transport which will require an act of parliament to disband it.

Mr Hide said an example of the problems having so many councils was a bewildering number of fee categories across the region. For example, there are 60 categories for registering, impounding, and adopting dogs.

Building inspections were currently charged at an hourly rate varying from $110 to $178 but in future there will be a standard hourly charge of $110 across the region.

As for resource consent forms, there were more than 850 forms currently used by councils and these will be reduced to 120 simplified forms for consistency across the region. W

There will be a single Building Control Authority. This will deliver a standardised control policy and acceptance criteria, a consistent policy for reviewing and deciding on applications.

There will be full service centres in Central Auckland but also in Takapuna, Henderson and Manukau with local services centres at Orewa, Waiheke, Papakura and Pukekohe.

Plus there will be neighbourhood service centres at Warkworth, Huapai, Helensville, Great Barrier and Waiuku.

And, it is intended that service centres will be provided for each of the local board areas where one does not currently exist.

As for staff, there have been job losses at senior management level “creating a smaller and tighter top management team to drive the necessary improvement and consistency across the region.”

The minister said that front line staff numbers will not be reduced.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Except of course, that all that accountability (which could still be better) only came after a veritable firestorm of outrage. And despite the fact that any savings on services are still fairyland talk, if they ever happen (cuts IN services, now, yes…)

    Yes, I do like the fact that some things will soon become unified, rather than scattered over the whole region. And I acknowledge that one needs a thick hide (what a pun) to lead any such a massive change. But that doesn’t make me like your agenda, Mr Hide. Which again, would have looked much worse without the outcry.

  2. Robo Askew says:

    And I am not keen keen on Mr. Hides secret agenda which is to enable a sell off of Auckland’s assets. Only a fool can’t see what the ACT party and it ultra right wing members want.

    Water anyone?


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