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ARTA’s new high frequency bus service, branded b-line  will run a minimum of every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm each weekday on Dominion and Mt Eden Roads.

Essentially at this stage, it’s a marketing exercise to encourage people who may not realise the frequency of the buses.

ARTA’s General Manager Customer Services, Mark Lambert said that while 15 minute or less service frequency already exists on Dominion and Mt Eden Roads and patronage is very good at peak times, “we want to up the ante”

“We want to encourage those who haven’t considered using public transport before and who might well use services outside of peak times, such as students and families, to realise that, increasingly, public transport is a very viable alternative to car use.ARTA says at some unspecified date in the future, additional, high frequency b.line services will be implemented throughout the region.”

New North, Sandringham and Great North Rds have been signalled in the past as potential next routes but overtime b.line will become the norm for busy arterials as ARTA has identified 20+  such corridors in the region which could be developed into b.line services.

It will be officially launched tomorrow morning at a ceremony in Dominion Road.

The b-line service involves a bright yellow visual branding involving bumblebees. That branding will be on the outside of the buses, bus flags and bus stops.

Mr Lambert said that a huge potential target market for public transport exists in Auckland.

“For many people their perception of public transport is based on an experience from years ago. Although there is still work to be done, a great deal has happened in respect of service levels and infrastructure development during that time which many Aucklanders simply aren’t aware of.

“High frequency bus corridors represent a good starting point for us in our drive to encourage even more people back to public transport.

Mr Lambert said, “Research on bus travel conducted in late 2009 by Colmar Brunton using 504 respondents, both public transport and non public transport users, showed  there were a set of key indicators when making a choice, or not, to use public transport.

Respondents wanted:

  • To be able to clearly identify the bus stops, shelters and timetables of high frequency bus services
  • They also wanted high frequency services to run a minimum of every fifteen minutes
  • They needed real time bus arrival information which we are delivering via web, text messaging and, where available a real time sign at bus stops.
  • Respondents also wanted a percentage of the route to be a bus priority lane at peak times.
  • Simplification of bus routes was also key as many people found the system overly complex.

Chief Executive of NZ Bus, Bruce Emson said, “b.line represents a significant step forward for our customers who tell us that one of the biggest barriers to catching a bus in Auckland is the complexity of the public transport system.  b.line simplifies the experience and we are confident that Aucklanders will embrace it and our investment in new buses on the b. line, which are now on the road.”




  1. Al says:

    Mt Eden Rd bus routes are already well used Peak & off peak …. what annoys everyone are the sunday buses …

    its time ARTA & NZ bus realise we are not in the 1950′s anymore Sat/Sun have the same requirements so you can run buses every 15/20 mins on Sat why not Sun ?

  2. Jon C says:

    @Al That’s a very good point Al. And it’s becoming very frustrating to have such big gaps in weekend train services which are often very crowded. And trains finishing at 9/33pm weekdays on the Western Line? Ridiculous. There’s not talk of a timetable improvement until late in the year.

  3. DanC says:

    Yes the Western line needs more services weekdays and weekends.

  4. Marge Peres says:

    I agree with Al. Its all very good increasing the bus service on week days. However, weekends/holidays are when people also move around alot, especially when it comes to shopping etc. 30 min and 60 min waiting times with decreased services in the evenings is an injustice to the people who depend on buses for transport.


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