Is Greenlane The Worst?


No more major Auckland train station revamps are planned for at least a year.

But if money could be found, which would be the most rundown station that you would target for a spruce-up?

Some might argue Greenlane is the worst:

Rundown Greenlane train station

Then there is old school- looking Baldwin Ave, between Mt Albert and Morningside, and the scene of an assault and robbery on a train manager one night a few months back.

Old school Baldwin Ave train station

Then Otahuhu, as an important station on the Southern Line, isn’t flash:

I mentioned Mt Albert last week where the platforms are being widened and a couple of hand me down shelters have been put in to replace the old concrete bunker but the changes are mainly cosmetic as far as the station is concerned. Longer term planning for the township area is being done.

What’s your pick? Any other ones needing revamps?




  1. Patrick says:

    Yes, I think Otahuhu is the worst, followed by Takanini. Both these statons have the potential to be important stations on the network. The corrugated iron shelters should be removed asap and be replaced with the shelters that have been used on the temporary stations if they are now due for upgrades in the near future. There are only 8 stations left, come on lets finished them off!!

  2. joust says:

    Penrose is pretty bleak apart from the new overbridge and fencing there. Mahia Rd I think would be worse though.

    As you say Patrick, the yet-to-be upgraded ones all really need bringing up to par.

  3. DanC says:

    Can’t a temporary fix be done on these stations? Replace the shelters, give the platforms a water blast and new paint? On a different topic Greenlane needs to have bus stops close by. I don’t know where they could go but there must be a solution as if you are coming from Balmoral / Mt Eden / Epsom or Remeuera / St Johns way on the 007 you have to get out here,+Auckland,+New+Zealand&sll=-36.891029,174.793666&sspn=0.001748,0.003484&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=175+Greenlane+West&t=h&z=17

  4. Matt L says:

    I would like to see Baldwin Ave and Mt Albert sorted so we can tick off the western line as complete.

    For Mt Albert I think it be built over to make it effectively an underground station as part of an overall plan to improve the area.

    For Baldwin Ave I think it should actually be moved to tie in better with St Lukes road.

  5. Mike says:

    They all look poor unfortunately.
    Greenlane Station would look so much better if the bank next to the station was planted out.I notice they have started planting parts of the railway corridor with flaxes and small shrubs up the line towards Remuera station.
    Greenlane received 2 new (or new condition)shelters at the beginning of the year however these have been etched by vandals. These shelters are right next to the security cameras !

  6. Carl says:

    Great to see Franklin has been roped into the super city, yet no money is being spent on Pukekohe train stop, as its far from a ‘station”.

    wish they would future proof it and move it 300 meters up the line to the bottom of Pukekohe’s main shopping area, then it could be buried under the bridge and a cut and cover tunnel could be built.

    that is a dream that will never happen but should happen.

    but hay, make us join and don’t even add us to the electricifcation part either… no worries… honestly, such a joke that people in the Franklin area have actually let this happen

  7. DanC says:

    I totally agree Carl. Pukekohe has got the making of being a great commuter town for people who want good family homes and schools but work in the city. Moving the station to the area between Stadium Drive and Massey Road and covering it. The current road / town lay out and the way the rail navigates through is perfect and most other towns lack.

  8. William M says:

    Takanini, Te Mahia anyone? Honestly, Te Mahia doesn’t even count - the patronage figures for this particular station are shocking. Takanini is dangerous. Remuera doesn’t shelter from the elements even under the bridge.

  9. rtc says:

    Well with National’s budget cuts to PT starting to bite don’t expect any of these stations to be cleaned up any time soon unfortunately.

    Greenlane really needs to be move to the otherside of the roundabout so that it could be made to better link into the Greenlane shops. Ideally they should do what they’ve done in Grafton with the platform extending across under the roundabout allowing easy access from both sides of Green Lane East Rd.

  10. ingolfson says:

    “These shelters are right next to the security cameras !”

    Yes, but how many people are watching the screens, and would they even try to get police to show up if they see someone etching stuff, that not being a “real emergency”? And if the police were called, would they actually come, being overstretched and unlikely to arrive in time?

    I think the first instance must be vandal-proof environments - planted walls and banks rather than taggable surfaces. Admittedly that doesn’t resolve the shelters themselves, where you want to combine visibility AND shelter.

  11. Patrick says:

    remember, it wasn’t that long ago when all the stations looked like these.

  12. Molly says:

    Even the Ramp at the Otahuhu station could do with some attention, I think some of t he boards must have gotten a bit wobbley and has been repaired but nailing a big piece of ply over the top? Quite humourous.

  13. Henrik says:

    Otahuhu trainstation must be the worst trainstation in the civilised world !

    I used drop/pick up my wife here daily during the winter and it is not a nice place to wait for a pick up. I now take the train from Otahuhu myself every day The problem is not the platform it is lack of personal, entry building, lights, safty cameras and parking.

    I would love to see Len Browns wife waiting to be picked up after 19.00PM during next winter at the Otahuhu trainstation. She can choose any entry to the platform and let here wait there for 30 min..


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