Lorne St Changes Approved


Library area now

I’m a big fan of Auckland City’s Shared Space project and it’s awesome to see the final tick off now given for the final concept designs for the Lorne Street Stage 2 and Darby Street .

How it will look |Auckland City artist

Commencement of the preliminary design of these projects will follow.

This will enable physical works to begin in Darby Street in the last quarter of this year and Lorne Street  Stage 2 in the first quarter of next year, with completion by You Know What Date Involving the Non Soccer Ball.

The preliminary design for the Elliot Street project has been finalised.  Physical works will be sequenced following the Darby Street upgrade.

These will make a great change to the CBD and make it more pedestrian-friendly.

The final changes in the Lorne St project involved:

  • relocating motorcycle parking to Rutland Street
  • providing P10 parking in lieu of P60/120 in Rutland Street east
  • providing an additional mobility parking bay in Rutland Street
  • introducing additional bleachers/seating to front of library
  • introducing seating to the concourse outside of the library
  • deleting solid basalt block plinths from steps to library
  • removing three umbrella trees from the south west corner of the library
  • incorporating into the design, landscaping of the south west corner of the library
  • introducing more colour to the scheme by way of street furniture elements
  • introducing modular paving to the intersection of Lorne and Rutland streets
  • introducing trees and seating together with widened footpaths to Lorne Street between Rutland Street and Mayoral Drive
  • introducing a random pattern paving design

The present dull look of Rutland St

The design includes paving across the full width of the street, removing kerbing to allow pedestrians to move more easily into and through the area.

Rutland with trees |Auckland City artist

This also provides opportunities and space for outdoor dining.

The section of Lorne Street outside Senior College will be upgraded into an attractive, pedestrian friendly street.

The design sees the removal of kerbs and the introduction of a wider pavement on the west side. This will enhance the appearance of the street and encourage pedestrians to use the space as a key north-south connection from the waterfront to the Learning Quarter.

Vehicle parking will be restricted to after hours.

New planting on Rutland Street will create a greenway, linking Aotea Square and Albert Park. Footpaths will be upgraded and widened with high quality basalt paving and new lighting will be installed to make the area more pedestrian friendly and safer at night. Modular paving will be introduced at the intersection of Lorne and Rutland streets.

Motorcycle and mobility parking will be relocated to Rutland Street. A P10 parking option will be provided instead of P60/120 on Rutland Street east.

And Darby goes from this …to this

Darby with trees and better lighting & seating |Auckland City




  1. ingolfson says:

    Good stuff. A very tight programme though - hope they can make RWC without any shortcuts in quality.

  2. Anthony says:

    I guess they council is inspired by how europe makes thier streets. which is very natural!

  3. James B says:

    Now if only they could put some active edges around the library, it could make a great little area except for the motorway/buspark that is Mayoral Drive.

  4. I hope they put in plenty of bicycle parking as the railings outside the library are usually end to end bicycles, and this is obviously going to be removed. This is in addition to the actual cycle racks at teh side of the library. Any idea how many cycle stands are planned?

  5. Jon C says:

    @Unity Good point. No mention of more cycles but that’s something to raise.

  6. max says:

    Unity, CAA did raise cycle parking in the various submissions on shared space. I guess you are right in that that needs to be pushed to make sure it happens.


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