The b-line Look


Today we got to see the new look of the b-line branded buses.

The new b-line marketing branding for Dominion and Mt Eden buses was officially launched halfway down Dominion Rd.

Ironically Dominion Rd because of the row over the use of bus lanes there.

The ARTA and NZ Bus launch was held at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall and official guests arrived in a suitably branded bus.

What the b-line bus looks like

b-line is essentially a marketing ploy at this stage to jolt Aucklanders out of the perception you have to wait ages for a bus. While it promises no more waiting than 15 minutes, that’s nothing new to commuters catching a bus in those streets.

We should encourage this. Public transport suffers from its perception and the belief people can just jump in their cars rather than wait for ever in the rain each morning in the hope a bus comes.
This visual branding is saying a bus isn’t far away.
if it works and gets people out of their cars, that’s what we want to happen.

The buses will run on Dominion Rd and Mt Eden Rds but eventually on up to 20 routes including Sandringham, New North and Great north Roads.

The promotional material says:
Finding the b-line is easy. Just look for the b-line bus stop signs and catch any bus starting with 25,25, or 27.

“With a bus scheduled every 15 minutes or less, you can simply show up to your stop and a bus will be along shortly.

  • Breeze past the traffic with bus lanes for parts of your journey during peak times
  • Sit back and relax in air conditioned b-line buses
  • Easily accessible buses that kneel on request

Here’s the Adshel bus shelter advert.

The promotion includes a $1000 bag of prizes when you “catch the b”




  1. Harry says:

    Surely it should be extended to 8am-6pm Saturday and Sunday too. I think the minium service frequency should be at least 12 minutes and 6 minutes in peak hours.

  2. Christopher Dempsey says:

    Thanks for posting this - I was meant to be on the launch bus but couldn’t go because of work reasons. Glad to see it launched.

  3. Robo Askew says:

    I was at the launch. It was good that Mike Lee covered the fact that T2 would be the exact opposite of what ARTA is trying to achieve on the route.

    Ken Baguely was present. I hope he listened to Mike!

  4. Marlon says:

    steal the bus, sell it, make way more than $1000.

  5. Jon R says:

    Yes, Mike made an excellent speech. He also covered the fact the region wants the CBD rail tunnel and Airport rail. The only thing holding them back is political will.

  6. Matt says:

    Jon, I think you mean “central government’s political ill-will”. There’s no lack of political will from our local pollies toward making it happen, the impediment is entirely driven by Joyce and Hide.

  7. ingolfson says:

    What lawyer made them put the “actual frequencies may vary” on it? Every punter knows it anyway, so why add it - marketing fail.

    This is not a diet product that needs to be bundled with some medical caution statement.

  8. Joshua says:

    Haha tru tru ingolfson, shows the PC world we live in, you have to protect even a bus fare from someone making it an issue.

  9. jarbury says:

    My first thought is:

    “Damn they’ve cut back frequencies on those routes to 15 minutes and cancelled weekend buses”.


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