Move It On Up In A Day


NZTA say the moving of the Freemans Bay Rob Roy (Birdcage) tavern up the road from the Victoria Park tunnel project construction will now take less than a day.

The hotel will be relocated In August, 40 metres up Franklin Road to make way for the construction of the tunnel’s southern portal.

When it is ready to be moved it will be placed on runway beams just below ground level. Additional structural bracing will be added at this stage to keep the building rigid. Hydraulic arms will then push it gently and very slowly along the beams up the road, where temporary foundations will be ready for it.

NZTA also confirms that when the tunnel is complete, the building will be moved back down the road to its original site.

The building is now being reinforced to keep the brick structure secure during the double move. A spin-off from this will be that the building is seismically strengthened for its future redevelopment.

Rob Roy being reinforced

Today digging was taking place around the front of the tavern (sorry about the poor filming-I had to crawl under a fence to take it)

The Rob Roy relocation work is being undertaken using Dunning Thornton Consultants, considered one of New Zealand’s most experienced building moving specialists. The company has previously moved the historic Waihi goldmine pumphouse, the Museum Hotel to make room for Te Papa in Wellington and other heritage buildings in central Wellington to make way for the capital’s inner city bypass.

In its final resting place, the old Rob Roy will become the focal point of a new public plaza. Urban design plans for the plaza are now being finalised.





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