When Go Meant Stop, Train Coming


A Wellington motorist had a miraculous escape after her car was hit by a train -after she thought she had been waved through a level crossing by a worker with a green GO sign.

“By the time I realised the train is coming I knew I didn’t have time to reverse, she told the Dominion Post today.

Her attention had been drawn by a green sign saying “Go” on the other side of the tracks. “It can be managed better. It’s unfortunate that this happened. I really honestly don’t think this was my fault.

“Why would you have the sign there saying ‘Go’ when the train is coming?”

This is going to be an interesting investigation.

Thank goodness, she lived.

DomPost story here



  1. Harry says:

    Does she not have ears? Surely she would have heard the bells or the train coming

  2. ingolfson says:

    Loud car, music in car, no horns or bells working, she COULD in fact have a hearing problem. Lots of potential reasons. Also, visual cues are stronger than audio cues, I would say, especially if they are from someone in authority who should know…


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