7000 Use Eden Park Trains


7000 passengers were recorded for Saturday night’s trial RWC trains to Eden Park - for the Tri-Nations clash.

Authorities say the rail service generally worked very well.

Their aim is for the RWC pool matches to have 60% of fans arrive by ways other than private cars (rail, bus, walking, taxi) and that target jumps to 75% for the finals.

They want to move more than 15,300 people by rail for each RWC 2011 game at Eden Park.

Rugby fans arrive at Kingsland for Saturday’s match

The authorities say the only transport issues that needed some improvement from Saturday night related to taxis and charter buses.



  1. karl says:

    Isn’t a bus station part of the expansion plans as well? I remember seeing it on plans located at the southwestern edge of the site. That still in the plans?

  2. anthony says:

    I presume you mean 15,300!? and how much peeps can Eden park take?

  3. karl says:

    About 60K, after the upgrade is done. I think after the RWC it may be shrunk down again somewhat, by removal of a temporary stand, but I am not perfectly sure if that is still on.


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