Improving West Bus Services


ARTA is going to improve Green Bay and Blockhouse Bay’s bus services - and co-ordinate them with New Lynn rail timetables.

The aim of its review is to make better use of existing bus resources, to improve service reliability and provide timed connections with rail services at New Lynn.

The review will focus on Urban Express Blockhouse Bay and Green Bay services, as well as New Lynn local services.

ARTA’s Mark Lambert said the proposed Green Bay network will be a much simpler route structure which will be easier for customers to understand, and importantly, the integration of bus services with rail at New Lynn.

The bus services reviewed are the 104/105 New Lynn local services; and the 190-199 Blockhouse Bay and Green Bay services.

“For example, we want to simplify the peak Urban Express routes in a number of ways, such as half hourly Green Bay to Downtown express services via Great North Rd and half hourly Blockhouse Bay to Downtown services via Taylor St.

It is asking local residents for input.

“Formal consultation starts on Monday 19th July and will run for four weeks. This will be carried out in a number of ways including letterbox drops, information at bus stops, leaflets handed out at New Lynn and online feedback forms.

“The proposed changes are just that: Proposals. Customer’s views are vital to let us know whether we have got things right or whether we need to make changes. Don’t miss the chance to have your say,” says Mr Lambert.




  1. karl says:

    They will tread on some people’s feet - it cannot be avoided. In fact, simply by psychological experience, I would say the feedback will be negative. Because those people who will profit most from it either are not public transport users now, or because they are semi-okay when they hear of the changes, and thus won’t respond.

    So I hope that the bus route planners don’t try to fulfill every whim - as has been discussed here and on other blogs, simpler routes and timetables are a huge win.

  2. Johans says:

    This might not be related to the actual post but is there any Dominion Road Buses (25X) terminate at New Lynn? I would of loved the 258 to continue thru Blockhouse bay and follow the 249 route to New Lynn.

  3. Jon C says:

    @Johans You can have your say here
    Next lot of changes will be Pukekohe, Onehunga - Services crossing Manukau Harbour, Papakura - Great South Road services

  4. Michael says:

    When, I wonder, do they plan on integrating Howick Eastern buses with the Panmure Station?

  5. James Pole says:

    I think providing a high frequency 104/185 service during the peak connecting to *every* train to/from Britomart would be great — especially if the tickets for bus/train services were integrated.

    This area has a good rail service but suffers from poor local bus connections. Looking at the map, routes 104 and 185 provide a good ‘local bus feeder’ service to rail services.

    I wonder if it is worth just withdrawing the infrequent routes 19- and 20- services and replacing them with 15-min frequency routes 104 and 185 services instead — with timing allowing connections at Avondale and/or New Lynn.

    Routes 104/185 could even be combined to provide a loop service in both directions starting at Avondale and traveling via Blockhouse Bay, Green Bay, New Lynn, Rosebank (and vice-versa).

    And therin concludes my radical idea! :)

  6. James Pole says:

    @Michael: As a daily user of Howick and Eastern’s services, I ask myself the same question every day. However there are lots of other issues with Howick and Eastern services — the fact they don’t stop at Panmure is a minor issue compared with the other issues I face…


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