Dept To Look into Bus Death


That dreadful fatal crash on Auckland’s Southern Motorway earlier this year in which a truck lost a wheel and struck a bus travelling in the opposite direction may result in a prosecution.

The police today announced they will refer the matter to the Department of Labour for follow up.

The crash happened on 14 January at Otahuhu when a southbound truck lost a wheel which crossed over into the northbound lanes hitting the bus.

24-year-old Xuan Lam, was a front seat passenger on the bus, when he was struck by the wheel. He was critically injured and died.

Sergeant Stu Kearns, Auckland Serious Crash Unit, said it has been a complex and robust investigation. Police have considered the circumstances of the crash have been carefully considered and referred the case to the Department of Labour.
The fatality will also be referred to the Coroner.





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