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Reader Stranded on the shore has noticed these attachments being added to NZ Bus vehicles in recent weeks.

He wonders if they are some new fare system being introduced such as Snapper which is due to be launched on Auckland buses in coming months.

I have asked NZ Bus but met a cone of silence.
I have asked Snapper of its Auckland timetable and met the same.




  1. karl says:

    Well, Snapper or no Snapper - they will have to enable Thales’ NZTA-appropved system in a year or two.

  2. Kegan says:

    Pretty sure those are for Snapper. A post on Snapper’s facebook earlier this month indicated that there will soon be thousands of card holders in Auckland …

  3. Lee Begg says:

    They look exactly like the mounts for the Snapper card readers on the Wellington buses (except colour).

  4. jarbury says:

    Yup definitely for Snapper readers. I was wondering what was happening there!

  5. Stranded on the North Shore says:

    Interesting article today in “The Aucklander” - page 7 - “Don’t get the motor running”… Despite NZ Bus policy of 3 minutes maximum idling time, the drivers don’t like to switch off the engines while waiting because the ticketing machine turns off when the engine is off, and it takes a “long time” to turn back on. Let’s hope Snapper system keeps running even after the engine is off, so that the drivers stop idling unnecessarily…


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