Rodney Licks Its Wounds


Rodney has failed in its last bid to get excluded from the super city.

Mayor Penny Webster says it is now time for the district and its residents to move on and make the best out of being part of the new Auckland Council.

A bill introduced by Labour’s Darien Fenton to exclude Rodney from the supercity and establish it as a new unitary council has been voted down in Parliament.

The mayor said the “majority sentiment of our community” told her council, via two independent surveys,  that they did not want to be part of the supercity.

”However, Parliament has now rejected this call and it is time to move and focus our attention on ensuring the best possible outcomes for the Rodney district and its residents in the new Auckland council structure.”




  1. Matt L says:

    I think the government made the right decision on this. I fear that if Rodney had been allowed to separate from Auckland it would have opened up for development and would have harmed intensification in the existing urban areas. In turn this would make it more difficult to justify further PT improvements

  2. karl says:

    That assumes we WILL have significant anti-sprawl provisions in our future Spatial Plan / District Plan. I am not so sure of that.

  3. Matt L says:

    I agree Karl, but at least if we do we will not have to worry about our neighbour to the north undercutting them if we do.


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