T2 FeedBack Extended


Auckland City Council has extended the feedback period on its controversial T2 bus lane  proposals for Dominion Road “due to a high level of public interest.”

Feedback was to have been allowed only until August 1.

It now closes on Sunday, 29 August.

And the council now says that further consultation is planned for those working in or living near Balmoral and Eden Valley town centres, to discuss and help inform specific plans for these areas.

Yesterday, I reported that local councillor, City Vision’s Glenda Fryer had sent an urgent letter to council transport officers asking for an extension of time and for more consultation with local residents who had raised questions about the change.

This feedback is over the overall proposal for Dominion Road, particularly about whether the road is best serviced by a bus lane or T2 lane and how this should operate, as well as the impact of possible parking and right hand turn restrictions.

You can give feedback here




  1. karl says:

    Sweet. While I expect some of the “high public interest” is about the car parking removal (Oh. No!) despite the promise to replace them in side streets, rather than about the T2 issue, I think this is still a good sign.


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