Walk,Cycle Mangere Bridge





  1. joust says:

    i think the “old Mangere bridge” needs a new name, since with the duplication of the current motorway bridge we now have an old one and the older one (which is closed to traffic). Perhaps Coronation Bridge as its on Coronation Road.

  2. karl says:

    So would it be the “Oldest Mangere Bridge”, then? No, even that would not be right, because there was one even BEFORE it (see Wikipedia). In fact I think “Old Mangere Bridge” is still okay, as the new two bridges are really essentially one in look and function. But in case we do need a new name, how about:

    Ship-Fender Bridge?

    Global-Warming-Will-Take-Care-Of-That Bridge?

    Largest-Fishing-Perch-Ever Bridge?

  3. Roger says:

    How about:




  4. Bill says:

    No, none of those mentioned “names” for the combined bridges at all, more appriopriate and dignified sounding names such as “Mangere Bridge” or “Manukau Harbour Bridge”. I would prefer the name “Manukau Harbour Bridge” because of the body of water it crosses, corresponds to the other state highway bridge crossings - ‘SH1 - Auckland Harbour Bridge’ and ‘SH18 - Upper Harbour Bridge’ and gives it the dignity and respect its owed. As for the “Old Mangere Bridge” once they repair and refurbish it to connect with the new Waterfront Park and other landscaping works they should definitely rename it after a prominent figure whether they be local, regional or national.