Photos: New New Lynn Opens


Gone is the temporary New Lynn train station entrance.
From this morning, the escalators started rolling, the proper lift operating and the longer New Lynn train station from Clark St rolled into existence.
And it looks impressive.

Work on the transport hub including the floor where there will be a waiting area and electronic sign informaiton “airport style” continues next door. The 42 inch LCD screen being installed in the bus passenger
waiting area of the concourse will display ETAs of all bus services that use the transport centre. Real time info for train arrivals is also being installed. The bus interchange part opens in September.





  1. joust says:

    Quite large isn’t it. Shame we don’t have nice new trains yet like Wellington, to enhance these new stations further. Looking forward to heading over there for a look.

  2. patrick says:

    thanks for the photos
    looking forward to the completion of it now

  3. karl says:

    Joust, you could always consider it part of a long-running campaign to “trick” people into trying PT - space out your good news so you have some big announcement every few months!

  4. Matt L says:

    Looking forward to all the rest of the works in the area being finished, the station definitely looks good.

  5. Selwyn says:

    ‘Twas a nice little surprise indeed to alight this evening and find the wobbly temp stairs and elevator gone, and to glide up the escalator into a surprisingly cosy and elegant space. For once (may only once) I’m happy where my taxpayer/ratepayer dollars have gone.

  6. joust says:

    LOL @karl - if only thats what was actually happening. Though you rightly point out the effect of keeping it in the public’s mind (with a lot of help from tireless reports by Jon C) is probably a pretty good thing.

  7. Liam says:

    How about an upgrade of the Pukekohe station and a small, low budget station in Drury.

  8. Carl says:

    Awesome Pictures John,

    This type of station is a new land mark. Fresh, clean and hopefully stands the test of time.

    Puke def needs a station, should be alined with the bottom of the main street, with underground access to steelers Stadium, and the main street shops. Plenty of room in the Gap as the train line is some good 10 meters below the road.

    also plenty of space to build car parks over the top of it, as the hired “airspace” idea has been floated somewhere else in Auckland.

    when I was talking about Grand stations a few months ago, this here is a prime example of the way things should be, not some stupid little tin shed or plastic shed on a tarseal platform.

    I like the use of titles.

  9. karl says:

    I don’t think land prices in Pukekohe are anywhere near high enough to justify the massive costs of multi-storey car parking. Especially for a park-and-ride car park, which can’t charge the rates of a CBD car park (and maybe cannot charge at all).

    Sure, park and ride sounds like it would make a lot of sense for Pukekohe, but they better find an at grade spot for it…

  10. Martin says:

    Feels like one of the new(ish) Stations on the Jubilee line or London Overground here.

    Hopefully Auckland, Wellington and the rest of NZ can get some more stations like this instead of “bus stops” everywhere.

  11. Paul says:

    When I look at the redevelopment of New Lynn roundabout and Rankin Ave, construction of the new station as a whole project my feedback is far from positive for the following reasons:

    - the undergound trench under the street has not resolved the congestion issue as much as aniticpated by me. This is mainly due to a transition of the old roundabout into a 3 street intersection. Lynmall shopping centre is now much less accessible coming from Rankin Ave with 3 set of lights to go through not being synchrnonised.
    - closure of old ‘park and ride’ car park by old Lollipop and not replacing it with an alternate adequate car park is far from international standards and certainly not encouraging people to switch to trains (public transport). This should be a top priority for the city couincil and the Ministry of Transport.
    - redevelopment of Ranking Ave with arrangement of new bus bays seems to be a waste of money. The two bus bays accomodate about 6 buses and are empty for most of the time (I have noted only 1 or max 2 at a time) and further reduce car park availability in the area - one of the bus bays replaced small parking along Rankin Ave by International College of Auckland which was for about 20 cars.
    - for me the trench project lacks some underground pedestrians passages at least along the railway trench which probably could have been funded from the money spent on redevelopment of not much needed bus bays.

    While completion of double tracking on Western line improved the network reliability, the new train station doesn’t seem to have brought much quality in a practical sense apart from visual factor and as such I am disappointed with the taxpayers’ money spending.


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