Johnstone’s Hill Tunnels Spring Clean


Motorists using the Northern Gateway Toll Road will find the twin tunnels at Johnstone’s Hill are closed temporarily for maintenance, part of next week.

The northbound tunnel will close on Tuesday, for maintenance and the southbound tunnel reconfigured to carry two-way traffic during the closure.  The next day, Wednesday, maintenance work switches to the southbound tunnel and two-way traffic will be diverted through the northbound one.

Speed restrictions will be in place and drivers should be aware of lane changes diverting them into the opposite tunnel.

NZTA says that it’s a priority to make sure this highway remains open and safe during the maintenance work, Making the tunnels two-way will mean that people can continue to use the toll road and any disruption to their journeys is kept to a minimum. .  The work includes servicing and testing the tunnels’ electrical, mechanical and fire safety systems.  The walls of both tunnels will also be cleaned.

People not wanting to drive on the toll road can use the SH17 alternative route between Silverdale, Orewa and Puhoi.




  1. karl says:

    Is such a major maintenance requiring closure, of a new tunnel after what, 2 years, unusual? Or just normal stuff?

  2. Joshua says:

    Definitely normal process, and it’s not that Major, the tunnels have been set-up so this type of maintenance can occur, the advantage of having twin tunnels over a single one.

    Checking safety and fire systems is very important, now is the perfect time as they have been subject to normal heavy use, and it’s a good chance to check everything is going as planned.

    Also continued maintenance will make the tunnels perform at their peak for longer, requiring less major maintenance later on in it’s life.

  3. Bill says:

    A well functioning system requires periodic maintenance to ensure a generally clean appearence and to make sure all systems are correctly working.

  4. Andrew says:

    About a month ago I was driving through the northbound tunnel when I heard a loud noise. Put down the window to figure out what it was … it was a VERY loud PA system playing an automated message and it sounded like evacuation instructions! By the time I heard that we were almost out the northern end anyway.

    No warnings entering the tunnel beforehand, arrow lights green so I guess it was a malfunction.


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