Omaha Plan Stopped


It’s something to celebrate that development of 650ha of land on the Tawharanui Peninsula adjoining Omaha has been stopped.

Building 500 homes and a visitors lodge there as planned caused vigorous opposition from the ARC saying development of this size and type in this location would have compromised one of the region’s favourite coastal assets.

The environment court has rejected the proposal to rezone 650ha of land -a proposal that would have allowed this to happen.

Chair of the ARC’s Regional Strategy and Planning Committee, Paul Walbran, said that the Tawharanui peninsula is culturally and ecologically important. “It includes stunning coastal landscapes, the fantastic Tawharanui Regional Park which adjoins the proposed Omaha Park site and the pristine Whangateau Harbour,” he said.

“We feel that urban development should be avoided in the most sensitive locations. It makes much more sense to encourage managed growth in existing settlements and urban areas where environmental, landscape and character impacts are generally less critical and infrastructure and facilities can be provided.”

The alternative was plain scary.




  1. Richard says:

    The original 1970′s Omaha development which is an expensive eyesore should never have been built either


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