Drivers Fogged In Head


What is with drivers and fog?
I drove to Coromandel early this morning and it was especially thick fog on the Hauraki Plains with very limited visibility.
Drivers were well behaved - but not in Canterbury this morning.
Police charged two drivers with driving at a dangerous speed on State Highway 1, Selwyn near Christchurch.

The driver’s vehicle speeds were checked at 124 km/h and 133 km/h in very heavy fog conditions, where visibility was down to only a few meters only.

One speeding driver who failed to stop for police turned his headlights off and increased his speed even further when requested to pull over. It was considered too unsafe to pursue this driver.

“Any vehicle traveling at over 100kmph in heavy fog conditions with no visibility, is considered potentially dangerous” said Acting Senior Sergeant John Hamilton of the Canterbury Highway Patrol.
If convicted of dangerous driving they face a minimum of 6 months disqualification.





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