19 Yr Old Way Over Limit


Young drivers are still not getting the message about drink driving.

In Tauranga, a 19 yr old Tauranga man was spotted travelling last night at 115 km/h on a city street and was chased after failing to stop for police.
The driver recorded a breath alcohol reading of 739 micrograms of alcohol. The legal limit for a 19yr old driver is 150 micrograms of alcohol.
Earlier on State Highway 29 Kaimai, a 45 yr old Hamilton man was caught travelling at 164 km/h near Soldiers Road. He attempted to avoid Police and hid in a rural driveway, however, his location was pointed out by other concerned motorists.
He had a breath alcohol reading of 987 micrograms of alcohol.
Both drivers had their licences suspended immediately.

Acting Senior Sergeant Mark Holmes of the Strategic Traffic Unit said that both these incidents were crashes waiting to happen and praised the motorists who assisted police.





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