Diesel Vehicle Sales Up


Motorists have started opting more for diesel but this also reflects the never-ending obsession with Kiwis to buy SUVs, sales of which continue to rise.

Sales of new diesel powered cars in June exceeded 20% of all new vehicle sales for the first time. For the year to date, diesel powered cars account for almost 18% of new car sales, almost double the level of just three years ago.

The ute and van market has long been dominated by diesel variants, and diesel sales there are on the increase.

In 2006 diesel powered utes and vans made up 80% of that segment. For this year to date, that figure has grown to 90%.

Motor Trade Association’s Ian Stronach says there were stories in the past about so-called ‘dirty diesel’ but he says motorists now accept modern diesel engines are a far cry from those of the past with significant improvements in noise reduction, fuel economy and power output helping drive their growth in popularity.

He says in areas like Western Europe,  diesel powered cars account for around half of all sales.

“Our forecasts for the New Zealand market though are for sales to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.”





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