70 Caught @ West Auck Checkpoint


70 drivers were caught with excess blood alcohol during a weekend checkpoint in Waitakere but no drug impaired drivers were detected.

There were 11 checkpoints at which a total of 9,663 vehicles were stopped.

The number of drivers detected driving with excess breath alcohol was 70.

Of these eight drivers elected to have blood tests taken to determine whether or not they too will face future court proceedings.

A total 23 drivers had their licence suspended due to the high alcohol levels detected. Another 15 persons were arrested for a variety of offences including Breach of Bail, Fines Warrants, Driving Whilst Disqualified, and Driving Whilst Forbidden.

The Ministry of Justice Collections Business Unit was involved. Collectors seized a total of 24 vehicles with outstanding fines totaling over $61,780.




  1. Carl says:

    easy ke$h money i reckon


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