9619 Fewer Daily Car Trips


ARTA is boasting today that its TravelWise programme had taken 9,619 daily car trips at peak time off Auckland’s roads during the past year.

The programme works to reduce trips in private cars and increase uptake of all forms of more sustainable transport including walking, cycling, public transport or car-pooling around Auckland.

Mark Lambert, Customer Services General Manager for ARTA, said: “This notable reduction of daily rush hour traffic far outstrips the annual targets that were set.  We are extremely pleased with the programme’s success this year.

“The figures are made up of two sets of results, the reduction in school trips and the reduction in workplace trips, two main target areas for TravelWise.  Daily car trips to school at peak have been reduced by 7,205 this year, an increase of more than 2,000 on last year and nearly 1000 more than the annual target. There has also been a huge number of workplace car trip reductions with 2414 less this year compared with 355 in 2007/08.

“Initiatives carried out by ARTA’s TravelWise planners in workplaces and schools have helped lead to significant numbers of car owners making the move to public transport or active travel such as walking or cycling. These have included promoting walking groups, car pooling and trials on public transport, which have been the key to this success.

Working with schools means working with the community and our travel planners have made great connections with school staff, students, parents and the wider community to find solutions to the school run issue. Now 7,205 cars no longer add to the chaos at the school gate thanks to measures that encourage, educate and ensure children have the option to make healthy, safe and active choices in how they travel.”

Mr Lambert said, “The Walking School Bus (WSB) programme is a very well known initiative in Auckland which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and now reached 334Walking School Bus routes. The programme currently has over 5,400 children walking to school with the support of a team of over 2,300 volunteers ensuring their safety along the way.

“The combined effects of the TravelWise programme are having a marked impact on the Auckland region’s travel  picture and we hope that the high numbers of people now choosing to use public transport or walk or cycle is testament to the hard work and dedication of our travel planners, coordinators and volunteers.

“The crucial thing to take from these results is that we are challenging the way people view their travel options and those who have started incorporating active travel in their lives, may well encourage more people to do so.”




  1. rtc says:

    Great stats - shame that National cut funding to these sorts of programmes to concentrate on building more motorways instead.

  2. Chris S says:

    Good news. The stats will be even greater once integrated ticketing and electrification are in place.


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