League Promotes Public Transport


Rugby League bosses have copied rugby’s example and will encourage the up to 50,000 people attending the Four Nations Double Header on November 6 at Eden Park to use public transport.

The NZRL has arranged for both buses and trains to allow anyone with a valid game ticket a free ride to and from the ground on most routes across Auckland from three hours before the game to three hours after.




  1. rtc says:

    And yet we stil can’t buy a ticket any other day that is valid on trains and buses…

  2. Matt says:

    rtc, actually you can. Multi-mode tickets are available, they’re just expensive. A one-day pass valid for everything except Pukekohe trains and ferries other than to Devonport will set you back $14, or $225 for a month. It’s also not valid for all bus services by all operators, but the list of services looks to cover the vast majority. That’s quite ridiculous, and it’s little wonder that people choose to drive. You’d have to be going a long way, or paying a lot for parking, before you’d spend $225/month on petrol.

  3. Nick R says:

    The northern pass covers every bus and ferry on the shore and central Auckland, and trains as far as GI, Ellerslie and Kingsland. This free-transfer time based pass seems to work just fine with paper based tickets, I can’t see any reason why they can’t roll it out across Auckland next month.

  4. Matt says:

    The price of multi-modal fares really needs to come down to be attractive. Of course fares in general need to come down to be truly attractive, but that’s not going to happen for as long as “Farebox” Joyce is the Minister for the RCF.

  5. Carl says:

    @ Matt this ticket you talk of, why does it exclude Puke? this kinda BS ( not you) really annoys me, make us join the super city garbage, but don’t give anything in return (like being in included in day passes)

    little things like these are why so many people in Pukekohe and surrounding areas are up in arms because we are forced to join and lose tax revenue money and then pay extra on top….

    sorry to derail the thread, but its utter BS!

    on the other hand the ticket with the league ticket is a good move, they do it here in Perth for the Rugby and the AFL and the cricket.

    works a treat!

  6. Nick R says:

    Carl, the ‘discovery pass’ has been around for years, it far preceeds the concept of a super city. It’s just for the contiguous urban area and not vaild in other regional towns like Hellensville, Waiuku, Waiheke or Beachlands either.

    One would hope they will soon come up with an integrated ticket product that covers the whole super city area though.

  7. Joshua says:

    Carl - they also do it here for the rugby and cricket at eden park, has worked well in the past and currently so good to see league following the trend.


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