23 Want To Be SuperMayor


Here are the 23 people vying to be Auckland’s first ever supermayor.
In all, the Auckland council election will be fought by 23 mayoral candidates, 100 council candidates and 419 local board candidates.
Nominations closed today.
With no surprise celebrity mayoral candidates putting in a last minute nominations, the battle still seems to be between current mayors John Banks and Len Brown with North Shore’s Andrew Williams as an outsider.
Here is the list of people standing for supermayor:(I=Independent)
Aileen Austin (I)
John Banks (I)
Marlene Barr (I)
Penny Bright
Len Brown (I)
Hugh Chapman (I)
Colin Craig (I)
Nga Dave (I)
Harry Fong (I)
Shannon Gillies
Vinnie Kahui
Alan McCulloch (I)
Steve McDonald (I)
Willie Morton (Temnak)
Vanessa Neeson (I)
Phil O’Connor (Christians Against Abortion)
Simon Prast (I)
Raymond Presland
Mark Ross (I)
Annalucia Vermunt (Communist League)
Andrew Williams (Independent Progressive)
David Willmott
Wayne Young

In the Auckland Council, there will be 20 councillors representing 13 wards, and 149 local board members representing 21 local board areas.

For the prestigious inner city Waitemata and Gulf council seat, Citizens and Ratepayers has not put up a candidate against ARC Chair Mike Lee. Its original candidate, Auckland Chamber of Commerce head Michael Barnett pulled out because of ill health.

Cits and Rats will be relying on its support going to Independent, Heart of the City head Alex Swney instead of standing against him and risking a split right-wing vote.

Mike Lee has an interesting blog-style site

Others standing for the seat are Janis Marler,Tenby Powell, Craig Thomas and Rob Thomas.

Orakei will be fought between Newmarket Business Association head Cameron Brewer and Cits and Rats councillor Doug Armstrong plus an independent, Hugh Chapman.




  1. Kel says:

    :S Communists and Christians Against Abortion being mayors sounds a bit scary…

  2. San Luca says:

    I’d like to know what Christians Against Abortion’s policy on transport is :S

  3. karl says:

    If the Dave Wilmott listed is THE Dave Willmott, then I know his policy! Roads, roads, roads, and rip up the railways to build some more motorways.

    Hilarious that he is standing (if he is).

  4. Freedom says:

    why do we want more communism (Annalucia Vermunt) here? i thought NZ is against slavery

  5. San Luca says:

    Freedom says:
    August 23, 2010 at 8:33 pm “why do we want more communism (Annalucia Vermunt) here? i thought NZ is against slavery”

    What a moron!

  6. karl says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Does anybody know a link to a somewhat more in-depth list of the candidates? I’d be curious to know more about some of the odd ones.


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