Mana Bus Action Possible


The Wellington Branch of the Tramways union has voted to accept an NZ Bus pay offer of 11.5% . But Mana Coach Services still haven’t improved their offer to drivers and face industrial action later this week from the Tramways Union unless this changes.

For Go Wellington workers, the offer was an increase of 11.5% on all printed rates, and at Valley Flyer an increase of 11% and gaining a number of conditions from the Go Wellington Collective Agreement such as time and a half for weekend work.

In 2008 Go Wellington had a day long lockout during contract negotiations and in 2009 Auckland Tramways members were locked out for a week by NZ Bus.

“We have seen a significant improvement in the way NZ Bus management negotiated with our union during these negotiations” says Wellington Tramways secretary Kevin O’Sullivan. “

But he said that at Mana Coach Services however the company offer has not improved. The union says the  major contencious issue is Mana’s attempt to remove the 8 hour day from the collective and force drivers to work up to 14 hours. Mana also refuse to pay penal rates for weekend work, unlike the other major players in the Wellington Bus market Go Wellington and Valley Flyer.  It’s also investigating complaints from Tramways members at Mana of being pressured to quit the union.





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