Rob Roy Move A 6 Hour Job


NZTA is hoping the slow move of the Rob Roy tavern to a temporary home 50 metres away on this coming Tuesday will take between 6 and 10 hours.
It’s planed to start the operation at 7.30am.
For safety reasons, people won’t be able to get close but there’s expected to be public viewing areas provided for rubberneckers.
The move is to get the old Birdcage out of the way of the Victoria Park tunnel development.
The 124-year -old heritage-listed brick building will slide on specially built concrete runway beams to a temporary ‘home’ 40 metres away.

It will stay there approximately six months, and then slide back to its original location which will then be on top of the southern entrance to the new motorway tunnel.
The four 40-metre long runway beams are constructed parallel to Franklin Road. It will be gently muscled along the runway beams by a series of hydraulic rams – each stroke of the rams pushing the building forward 1.8 metres. The move will be deliberately slow.





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