Snapper Fault


Wellington’s Snapper card system has overcharged about 5000 customers.

Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai said it was the result of a ‘very subtle’ software error during a recent upgrade. The problem has been fixed.

Some 5000 Snapper customers have been incorrectly charged a penalty amount on their Snapper for bus travel between 10th and 20th August. The error affected 145 buses on the Go Wellington fleet.

He said the company has implemented a fix to resolve this issue and identified all the Snappers affected.

It’s refunding those affected but hasn’t the details of any non-registered customers affected.

The average refund is about $2.

If you are non-registered and think you might be affected, you can check here

Good to see the company being pro-active in resolving the issue.





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