St Lukes Decision Soon


The proposal makes the mall higher

Has the extension of St Lukes shopping mall been approved?

The hearings have now been held and the matter scheduled to be reported to the Auckland City Council meeting next month on September 23.
An item on this week’s city council transport meeting says that “until then, the recommendations (of the planners) remain confidential.” That suggests the decision is complete.
Curiously, the meeting will be discussing selling to mall owners, Westfield, a missing bit needed for the development - a portion of Exeter Road, a no exit cul-de-sac that leads to the upstairs parking for the mall at the back of the cinemas. That area is a big part of the proposed development.
So does someone know something we don’t know about the decision?
The reason given for this sale is in order to ensure this matter does not get ‘lost’ through the transition from the present council to the super council.
That makes perfect sense.
The approval of the proposed road stopping by the transport committee is essential to give effect to the plan change, should it be adopted.
Even so,I wouldn’t be surprised if the development has been approved.




  1. rtc says:

    Let’s hope they put at least some requirements on WF PT wise and reduced the insane amounts of parking they wanted.

  2. karl says:

    Ah, lets just build another couple thousand car parks in every town centre. This city is not serious about public transport and walking & cycling anyway.


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