Pass Purchase Changes


Monthly rail passes will no longer be able to be bought on board trains from October 3.

ARTA says its marketing campaign to get people to buy such tickets before they board has been successful.

Although not mentioned, it probably also saves on board train managers having to carry as much spare cash.

ARTA’s General Manager, Customer Services, Mark Lambert says that 94% of monthly train passes are now bought off board compared to around 15% in February when the initiative was introduced by ARTA and its operator, Veolia Transport.

“The huge change in behaviour seen in our customers, who now prefer to purchase these tickets before boarding, has led us to withdraw the sale of monthly rail passes on board trains.

“Paying customers have told us, no fare is not fair.  Customers who purchase off board also free up time for train staff so they can carry out ticket checks which helps tackle fare evasion further.

“Purchasing before you board also has the convenience of being able to pay with EFTPOS and some outlets with credit cards, so it means customers don’t need to carry too much cash with them.”

You have to buy monthly rail passes from ticket offices at Britomart, Papakura, Newmarket and (from Sept 20) New Lynn  stations.




  1. Matt L says:

    Makes sense, I have always brought my monthly pass from Britomart (must have been one of the 15%) as I can pay by credit card.

  2. Nick R says:

    One wonders how hard it would be to set up some parking meter style machines at larger stations and stops, these can take coin, credit and eftpos and can easily print a single, weekly or monthly pass.

  3. Matt L says:

    Nick - We are getting vending machines at stations as part of integrated ticketing next year.

  4. Carl says:

    so what do people in Pukekohe do then? get off at Papakura? sounds stupid if you ask me

  5. nzbcfanboi says:

    I would guess there would a be a ticket agent at Pukekohe I would guess it’s not just those stations.

  6. Matt L says:

    Carl, do you ever say anything positive? Considering most destinations are either the CBD or Newmarket you could easily buy a monthly pass there. With them you can specify the date they start from so you could buy it today to start from tomorrow etc. I usually buy my passes in the morning after I get off the train at Britomart as there normally isn’t a queue.

  7. Carl says:

    @ Matt L, how can you get on a train and buy a ticket at your destination without getting a fine?

    and secondly why should you have to be limited to buy it in either the CBD or New Market? who said the person wanting to buy the ticket even goes there?

    Like i have said many times before, its not all about the inner city of Auckland.

    and your reply shows to me why the people of Pukekohe didn’t want to join the super city in the first place.

    its not all about inner city auckland. Some people that live in the outer areas, want to use the train more and want better and easier services.

    in all the 36 countries that I have been to, 30 of them I used public transport and for the life me, Auckland and the other area’s is the most overprice and most stupid system setup I have ever seen.

    I don’t care if its coming or whatever, Pukekohe wont get anything…

    People in that area don’t want to work hard and pay rates to not get the same deal most other places get.

    I’m sorry but i have been arguing this same point for the last 10 years, we pay so much more than other areas and its bullshit.

  8. Matt L says:

    Carl - There are quite a few ticket agents around that you could use to purchace a ticket, it doesn’t have to be on a train or in town, also my point was more that if you plan ahead just a little bit then not being able to buy a monthly pass on the train won’t be an issue at at all and according to this story it is only monthlies that are afected.

    You are trying to mix to completely separate arguements, buying tickets/rail improvements and the fact you don’t like the super city. For the record there is no where near where I live to buy a ticket yet I never seem to have any problem getting monthly pases each month and I also think that electrification should be extended to Pukekohe.


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