Rob Roy Move Starts


NZTA has begun the slow meticulous process of shifting the heritage Freemans Bay Rob Roy hotel up the road to allow progress for the Victoria Park tunnel.

The hotel had been moved about 2.5 metres at 11.15am today.

The operation may take 10 hours.

Two hydraulic rams  shifted the hotel in the first stage of the move to a temporary resting site 40 metres up the road.

The hotel is being gently pushed along four concrete runways covered with Teflon to make its journey easier.

The rams first began pushing the hotel at 7.45am.  After each move, the rams need to be re-positioned and the ground beneath the concrete runways checked to ensure it remains stable to carry the hotel’s weight.

Later in about 6 months time, the process will be reversed and the hotel will be slid back to its original site to sit above the southern portal of the tunnel.





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