Drunk Teen Clocked At 177k


A drunk 18-year-old has been nabbed driving a Nissan Sylvia motor vehicle at 177 kmph southbound from Tristram Avenue.

It’s the latest example of an Aucklander teenager doing excessive speeds on the motorway.

Worse, this guy, when eventually stopped and breath checked, recorded an EBA reading of 462 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. This is three times over the limit of 150 mg/l.

He’s insisting on a blood test to determine if there is to be a future court appearance.

And not surprisingly, once again the driver was on a  restricted licence.

In fact, when police looked inside the car they found six other occupants  for which the offending driver held a restricted licence only.

Police say that the driver insisted he had learned a lesson from this one experience.

But when they did a check on their database, they found he was known for speed and alcohol use and had previous convictions for both.

Police are appalled and don’t buy his “sorry, sir let me go” plea.

They say this is an example of a young male driver who has no respect for the law. This individual has put the lives of his passengers and other road users at great risk as a result of his attitude to dangerous driving, speeding, excessive drink driving, restricted licences, and passenger overloading.

The car was eventually stopped at the Shelly Beach off ramp.

Yesterday, AA Insurance revealed the car he was driving, the Nissan Silvia, is the country’s most frequently stolen car.

Only a few weeks ago, officers of an Auckland Motorway Patrol Unit were left speechless when a BMW car passed by their stationary position on the Northern Motorway at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour.




  1. Harry says:

    Ridiculous, time for jail sentences I think!

  2. Scott says:

    I think the maximum periods of license suspension should be doubled or tripled. Currently the period of suspension is only about double the max jail time.


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