Onehunga Gets Waterview Rock


NZTA plans to reuse earth and rock from the upcoming Waterview motorway tunnels project for the Onehunga foreshore plan.
NZTA will test the material for suitability for use in the Onehunga reclamation project
The scheme has been proposed by the Onehunga Enhancement Society, which believes that up to 600,000 cubic metres of material to be removed for Waterview could be used in the scheme to restore beaches destroyed in the 1970s by the Mangere motorway project.
Funding for the Onehunga foreshore restoration has been confirmed today.
The $28m funding agreement signed today by Auckland City Council and the NZTA will help enable the transformation of the tidal Onehunga foreshore into beach and parkland.
But construction is some way off – it starts the first quarter of 2014.
Contractors Federation Jeremy Sole is enthusiastic about the idea saying: “This is exactly the kind of collaboration we need to see and, where appropriate, we hope it sets a precedent for future projects countrywide.”





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