How 3 Teenagers Died


Dodgy tyres and alcohol are thought to have played a part in how three teenagers died in a two car collision on SH2 at Maramarua between the Pink Pig cafe and the Maramarua garage overnight.

The Waikato Serious Crash Unit is investigating the crash and confirm they’re  looking into whether the driver had been drinking and have also identified the standard of the tyres of the car are of concern.

District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Leo Tooman, said Initial indications on the cause of the crash are that a westbound Ford Probe car failed to negotiate a gentle left hand bend, spun out of control and ended up in the path of an eastbound Ford Courier utility, it has ended up in a T-bone type collision with the ute impacting the driver’s side of the car.

The 17-year-old female driver of the car, and 18-year-old male and female passengers suffered critical injuries in the crash and died at the scene while the driver of the utility suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The utility driver, a Rotorua District man, was flown to Auckland’s Middlemoore Hospital.

District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Leo Tooman,says that toxicology reports will take several days to complete and it will be some time before they can confirm if their concerns are justified.

Mr Tooman said it was disappointing that following a fatal free August three young lives had been so tragically taken.

“Since the redevelopment of identified black spots on this part of SH2 the number of serious and fatal crashes has greatly reduced. Unfortunately where last night’s tragedy occurred was outside those areas, obviously this location will now be the subject of some scrutiny to see what if any environmental and engineering enhancements can be made.”




  1. Bryan says:

    The lives weren’t really taken, they gave them away by the sound of it.

  2. unhappy person says:

    if that was your family member would you like it if some idiot with no idea wrote something liek that. At the moment no one knows what the real story is. So please dont make horrible generalisations.


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