South Rail Damage $2m


Latest: Aftershocks worry Kiwirail trains

Rail has got off relatively OK - in the big picture-  from the weekend’s Christchurch earthquake -and the aftershocks so far.
KiwiRail indicate the only expensive repair to the rail network expected is at Kaiapoi. It is estimated repairs will not exceed $2m. (Pictures of the twisted lines are here )
NZTA estimate repair costs for the state highway network are in the order of $3.8m but overall roading estimates have been mentioned in the region of  between $6m and $10m.
Civil defence say this morning’s 5.1 aftershock has not added greatly to the problems.

Line in Belfast-Rangiora area

Some inspected buildings will require re–assessment but an initial check showed no substantial damage from the aftershocks.
This morning’s aftershock caused the mayor to announce the city has extended its state of emergency for another week.
The main focus for Christchurch City Council, Waimakariri District Council and Selwyn District Council continues to be building assessments in their respective areas. Some additional inspectors have been deployed to the region to assist. The Earthquake Commission has received over 27,000 claims for damage to residential properties but up to 100,000 claims may be lodged.

Pockets of electricity, water and sewerage systems remain out. Health concerns remain focused on water supply. All schools and early childhood centres are closed today. Some school boards may decide to open tomorrow, subject to structural engineers and/or health officials declaring the schools safe.
All rail lines are now open. The Rangiora–Christchurch, Rolleston–Cass, and Middleton– Ashburton lines are all operating with speed restrictions to manage the risk posed by aftershocks.
Christchurch bus services recommenced into Christchurch CBD, but stop short of the restricted area. Drop off points are short of the city cordon and are subject to change as the situation in the city changes.
All main urban arterials in Christchurch are open, except those in the CBD area. The State Highway network in Canterbury has been checked, including structural checks.

Bridges have all been checked and culverts are now being checked for displacement. Further damage to roads has, however, been caused by aftershocks. Lyttelton Tunnel has been closed due to suspected damage as a result of the main aftershock this morning.

SH 74 and 77 are closed in places, but detours are available.

This morning NZTA closed the Lyttelton Tunnel this morning to carry out safety checks as the large aftershock was centred near Lyttelton but the tunnel re-opened at lunchtime.

NZTA Canterbury State Highways Operations Manager Peter Connors says there was concern  the aftershock may have caused cracking to the tunnel and retaining walls leading into it.

An initial assessment of the tunnel has now been completed and has revealed that while some superficial damage has been sustained the tunnel remains structurally sound and safe for use.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker told residents today to avoid travelling around the district today and called for calm after the morning aftershock.

Christchurch Google Earth quake map





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