Pics: Crowds Welcome Matangi


Every person and their dog wants to look through them.

Curious Wellington commuters and keen trainspotters are crowding Wellington railway station’s number 9 platform to welcome the first sight of the new electric trains for Wellington, known as Matangi.

The first of the 48 new trains have now arrived and will be in operation from December. It is on view to the public until 3pm and there’s no shortage of people wanting to check it out.

Earlier transport minister Steven Joyce welcomed the train development and the train was blessed in a formal ceremony.

Thanks to Jon Reeves of Vote Trains for pics.

More Matangi pics posted earlier are here




  1. Anthony M says:

    wow! looks amazing!

    still wish they could upgrade the main stations though.

  2. karl says:

    Trains first, I guess. Crappy stations are less of a downer than crappy trains, and won’t cause delays and breakdowns!


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