Confusing Stop


Morningside train commuters have had a confusing few days.

The Britomart-bound trains have crossed tracks and ended up on the western-bound side of the station.

Today I noticed out of the train window would-be passengers still sitting on seats facing the expected side of the platform and assuming the train they hear behind them is west-bound, not the one that want to catch - and the train left the station before anyone could be alerted.

The train managers should be yelling out that it’s Britomart bound.

The reason for the track swap around the station is the pre-electrification drainage works going on between about Baldwin Ave and Mt Eden. The track change is only when work is being done during the day.




  1. Matt L says:

    TM’s should definitely be letting passengers know, if they aren’t that is pretty poor form

  2. James Pole says:

    The ‘free trains’ Sunday saw a Britomart-bound train from the Western Line stop at Newmarket at the platform usually reserved for Waitakere-bound trains. I was on one train that did that — I presume it was a once-off. Not sure how they handled that but I think the passengeres were well informed as most of them were waiting on the correct platform.

  3. Matt L says:

    James - That happens quite frequently at Newmarket, the morning express almost always stops there.


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