Mark Ross for Supermayor?


Still working out who to vote for as Auckland’s first supermayor?
27 year old Mark Ross, a courier driver from Christchurch has launched his campaign, saying: “I’m a kiwi bloke that is tired of seeing the same ‘old-boys club’ politicians ruining Auckland and our country. ”
Mark who was raised in Auckland says he believes he is exactly what Auckland needs.
He calls himself just a typical hard working kiwi that wants to see a real change in how Auckland as a city and a community is run.
I’m seeking change in a way that sees the ratepayers of Auckland getting the loudest voice at the council table and not that of the mayors’ mates and campaign funders calling all the shots”.

Mark says he isn’t doing this as a public stunt or joke, but is a “genuine independent candidate that will listen to the locals and act on what they say.
“I’m just looking for change in how together we can run Auckland and return the brand of “The City of Sails” from its current slogan, of The City that Can’t!”
His site.




  1. Chris says:

    The competition Mark Ross is running is defined as ‘treating’ under electoral law and is illegal. He could be prosecuted.

  2. karl says:


    “Favourite Book Don’t have one”

    Points for honesty: +1
    Points for being “simple”: -999

    “If this will be your first website…” text remnant on the FRONT page, and the “Please describe your interest in our products and services” remnant on the contact field:

    Points for attitude: -100 (why should I vote for someone so bloody careless?)

  3. Mark Ross says:

    Cheers Karl and Chris, Can I count on your two votes? lol.

    Got informed about Treating, so we will see.

    Simple, I guess its better than ‘special’. So ill take thats as complement champ!
    My website got wiped out on Sunday so I’ve been making a temporary one that’s up and running now (but I still don’t know what your going on about sorry). I still don’t have a favourite book. Rhythm and Swing by Sir Richard Hadlee was great though.

    Night Team.


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