Drunk Teenagers Behaving Badly Again


What is it with Waikato teenagers?

Waikato Police were horrified when they arrived at a crash scene at Waverly Rd outside Hamilton last night to find a crash similar to that earlier in the week that claimed three lives.

A Toyota Starlet hatchback had left the road with five people aboard. All had been drinking including the young female driver who only has a learners licence.

Police were told she was driving because she was the most sober of the group who were travelling to Auckland from Te Aroha.

All five people in the car had been drinking and the driver said she lost control after being distracted by a passenger who was passing her another alcoholic drink.

All the group were taken to Waikato Hospital by ambulance suffering status three injuries.

Mr Anderson said police were dumbfounded that these young people would try to drive to Auckland in such a condition, in breach of a graduated licence given that just four nights earlier three Gisborne teenagers lost their lives in somewhat similar circumstances.





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