New Lynn Opens Sunday


New Lynn’s new transport hub opens its doors on Sunday, meaning better facilities for bus users and a different location for stops.
Changes are being made to some local bus timetables so they are timed to better connect with trains to and from Britomart, which is something this site regularly promotes. Bus services to Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay and Avondale services are affected.

There is a ticket office, enclosed waiting areas, full-length canopies on the bus platforms with real time information, CCTV coverage, and lift, escalator and stair access between the main building and the rail platform. Entrances are both at Clark Street and Totara Avenue.

The transport hub will be officially opened the following Friday.

If you use it check this map on maxx for your bus stop.




  1. patrick says:

    So does the new six carriage trains start this Monday also?

  2. Jon C says:

    @Patrick yes and new timetables


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