Want Queens Wharf Shed 11?


The ARC has begun the tender process for the dismantling of Queens Wharf’s Shed 11, which is to be removed and stored for up to two years, on a site at the Wynyard Quarter.
The cost is being borne by the ARC.

The tender documentation stresses the importance of dismantling and handling the building carefully so as to protect its heritage value. Conservation architects are assisting in the evaluation of the tenders in this regard.
The ARC has been approached by a number of parties who have indicated that they may be interested in the future use of Shed 11. This includes Icehouse who have indicated an interest in reusing the Shed for use as business incubator units to facilitate new business development and employment.
The ARC is interested in an expression of interest from organisations in reusing the building. These would be considered as to

  • whether the proposed use is appropriate
  • the building’s conservation and heritage values and interest are protected
  • that preference is given to the shed being relocated to a suitable maritime location within the Waitamata harbour
  • that the re-erection of the shed and any other costs associated with its reuse be borne by the recipient organisation.

It is acknowledged that an additional criteria will relate to the capacity of the organisation to have access to a suitable site for reuse of the shed in a waterfront or maritime related location as well as their ability to demonstrate sufficient funding is available to re-erect the shed and to bring it up to current standard.




  1. Carl says:

    what a load of crap.

    it should be pulled apart yes, stored no. whatever gets built now, should have pieces and parts incorporated in the new structure piece that should be permanent. Not some half pie run of the mill bs tent thing.

    they should use shipping containers and do something interesting, seriously storing something for two years and charging rate payers for it?


  2. Carl says:


    1/2 way down this page ( link) perfect example of what can be done.

    there is also an image somewhere ( I can’t locate it) they an architect has designed, its a massive roof structure that has the american flag cover the whole thing. Imagine a huge black flag and a sliver fern roof type thing. No “go all blacks bizo” Just the fern. Then it can be there for all to see all over the world on tv.

    serially thou, the amount of sea containers that are sitting around the place, they could all be put to good use.

    gas axe and a spray can anyone?


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